Mike R. Yunck

Captain (Pilot)

19 August 1918; Detroit, Michigan
Education: Attended University of Michigan and USNA; B.S./M.S. Aeronautical Engineering Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA
Entered Marine Corps: Enlisted in 1942

Summery: Designated Naval Aviator during November of 1941. Following service with VMF-112 flew with VMF-311 at Okinawa. Credited with five aerial victories during World War II. Completed Naval Test Pilot School 1951. During Korean War served on staff of MAG-33 and later as CO of VMF-311. Other assignments included: CO, MAG-15; student Naval War College. During Vietnam lost left leg in aircraft accident but returned to full duty status flight status. Following retirement from Marine Corps in 1976 was employed by Convair. Died of cancer in 1985. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Military awards included two awards of the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal (3 awards), Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart. Recipient of the Alfred A. Cunningham Trophy as Marine Aviator of the Year 1963.

Survived by:

Mrs. Michael Yunck
3150 Montecielo Road
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
(714) 688-4729