Kenneth James Reigner

MTSgt (Aircraft Maintenance)

Born: 2 August 1921, Springfield, MA
Education: Technical High School, Springfield, MA
Entered Marine Corps: 20 September 1940, Springfield, MA
Service #: 295969

Summary: Transferred as a nucleus contingent into newly commissioned VMF-112 (from VMF-111) on 1 March 1942. Assigned as a corporal to maintenance department where he became a plane captain on Espiritu Santos on F2A-2 Brewster Buffaloes. Remained with VMF-112 until returning to States in September of 1943 (as a Master Technical Sergeant). Following WWII, selected for flight school as a Naval Aviation Pilot (NAP). Graduated from flight school 2 July 1947 (NAP #129-47). Served as a combat fighter pilot during the Korean War with VMF-115 in F9F Panthers. Flew 53 combat missions during the Korean War in 1952. Flew from four different aircraft carriers in the Atlantic (USS Roosevelt, USS Tarawa, USS Wasp, and USS Wright) during his aviation career. Personal military awards include: Air Medal (2) and Good Conduct Medal (7). Retired from the Marine Corps 20 September 1962 as a Sergeant Major--the only Marine Corps Sergeant Major to ever hold the designation of Naval Aviator. Post-Marine Corps career included aircraft parts machining and woodworking business. Fully retired. Enjoys traveling.


Current Address:

SgtMaj Kenneth Reigner, USMC (Ret)
518 E. Riviera Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282-5350
(480) 967-0971

Hiroko Reigner