Richard E. Klokow

Technical Sergeant (Radioman)

Born: 26 January 1925
Education: Lincoln High School, Milwaukee, WI (1942); BSEE, Marquette University (1949);
MSEE, University of Pittsburgh (1952)
Entered Marine Corps: 23 February 1942; Milwaukee, WI
Service #: 374061 (See also: Legacy -" They also served...")

Summary: Following completion of recruit training at MCRD San Diego, attended radio school at Texas A&M. Upon completion of school was assigned to VMF-112 at Miramar, California. Squadron departed San Diego to New Caledonia aboard the S.S. Mumu (Lurline). Arrived at Guadalcanal with ground crew in November of 1942. Further assigned to Espirto Santos where squadron transitioned from the F4F Wildcat to F4U Corsair. Returned to the States in September of 1943. NCO in charge of radio and electrical systems maintenance for an F4U training squadron at El Toro. Later trained as a radio-gunner with an SBD squadron, also at El Toro. Attended flight school and was in primary training when war concluded. Discharged in November 1945. Completed college studies on the GI bill program at Marquette University. After graduation designed aircraft generators for Westinghouse and also taught electrical engineering at MIT. Employed with Lockheed Missile and Space Company for 30 years. Retired in 1990, but has been either a substitute teacher or teaching full time (math and science) in our local high school district for the past ten years. Has also helped recruit a few Marines and students for the U.S. Naval Academy.

Current Address:

Richard E. Klokow
1336 Miette Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Myrna J. Klokow

John L. Klokow
Winnipeg, Manitoba
John's Daughters:
Jessica Klokow JAKlokow@aol.com , Oakland, CA and 
Deirdre Klokow DMKlokow@aol.com , Flagstaff, AZ

Kent Klokow
Santa Cruz, CA
Kent's Daughter: Kelly Klokow, Santa, Cruz, CA

Captain Patrick Klokow, USMC (1977-2005)
(survived by his wife 1st Lt. Anne Kipp-Klokow, USMC; CH-46 Pilot)

Anne Klokow-Abney
Laguna Beach, CA

Anne's Daughters:
Megan Van Dyke MVShowJumper@msn.com  and
Allison Abney ALA112895@aol.com